Structures EP

by Secret Mark

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    1. Structures
    2. The Left Wall
    3. Dreams
    4. Breathe
    5. Coffee
    6. Interlude De Aaron
    7. Culprit
    8. I, The Selfish Machine

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released January 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Secret Mark Virginia Beach, Virginia

Alternative Indie Rock.
Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Chelsea Elliott - Bass, Vocals
Jon Callahan - Guitars
Chris Yi - Guitars
Justin Capps - Drums

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Track Name: Structures
v1: Said she's going out tonight alone/ Been staying up all night and waiting for him by the door/ Should she call? Should she care? Would he notice at all?

Ch: And why does this happen to us anyway? We've got to remember that we are still young. Instructor, instruct us/ Guide me the way or send me back home.

v2: Sitting in a room/ Sitting in a cell/ Imprisoned by the life that he's built. Trying to piece together every memory and second glance/ Wondering where he went wrong.
Now he's reaching for the door, but the exit is not clear/ Trapped inside these walls, he's confined. The pressure starts to build/ Fate begins to call/ But he remains a structure and this structure wont fall!

Outtro: And this is the part where the love has to end/ When there's no constant reminder of how things began. And if he doesn't love her then she'll never care/ Cause the foundation is broken, but a structure still stands.
And these are the lies/ How many lives must we take/ with the things we should question and the things we should say? But if he doesn't love her, then she'll never care/ Because the foundations broken, but a structure still stands on its own!

Instructor Guide Me The Way..
Track Name: Dreams
V1: Let's sleep on the roof tonight so we can watch the stars dance right across the sky/ I don't want to miss another sunrise.
As safe and as sound we'll sleep, but in the morning light you'll be leaving me.. and i'll pretend that I don't know/ and that all is well.

Ch: I'm tired of falling second in line, but i won't bear to leave you alone. I feel like i'm waking up from a dream the isn't mine, everytime I watch you go. (everytime, but i won't let you go.)

V2: In search of a better life you are leaving me with your anchors high/ You'll sail which way the wind may blow.
So I'll fall into the deepest sleep, then I'll cast myself into this "sea of dreams"/ Then I'll pray I catch your hook.

Bridge: And out of all the struggles/ Is love defined?
Your dreams, your schemes, these tortures/ Who draws the line?
Track Name: Coffee
V1: And when you came at me with a dagger/ A word sharpened to the point/ That you could pierce through my own flesh.
I ran, but I still heard a whisper/ Carried by the wind/ A thousand miles west.

Pre Ch: Is this a dream? Or are you a nightmare? I'll have you believe that this was over from the start.

Ch: What in the world is this feeling rushing over me? And I need to know is it real? Cause what I would give for just a minute of your precious time and what I would do for us..

V2: It's kind of funny cause I'll try to lie/ My lips give into a crooked smile/ And I'll try to hold back the words my tongue gives away.
It's just a game/ Some may say, but I wont play part of/ No i beg your pardon, but I fear i've lost my heart somewhere along the way.

Pre Ch: Is this a dream? Or are you a nightmare? You'll have me believe that I was falling from the start.

Bridge: And this is the moment in time/ where we take our place and we choose sides.
I know it's the dream/ I know it's the life that you've always wanted... But are you the reason that I stay?
Track Name: Culprit
V1: Still awake/ My sleepless mind/ I'll watch the Moon surrender the sky/ To the Sun, giver of light/ He'll show the truth, but will blind my eyes.

V2: In the room an angry slate/ Of brooken glass will reflect the face, I knew/ The light will bend and taint the air, my safety/ As shadows march to invade the walls I've built around me.

Ch: Should I stand here? Should I wait for help to come? Who will fight next to me?/ My own two hands must defend me now, because this is war and I am the culprit/ ...I caused this.

V3: There I am/ Im face to the floor/ Is this the life that they've all promised?/ Back and forth a pendulum swings/ Will i rise up or will time take ahold of me?

Outtro: Who's going to save us all? Who's going to save me?
...Somebody save me.